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January 12, 2020

     General Meeting: AAGHSC’s Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers

February 9, 2020

     Essence McDowell, co-author: Lifting As They Climbed: Mapping a History of Black Women on Chicago’s South Side. For more information about Tours, click here.

March 8, 2020

     Linda Sales, Family Ancestral Videographer

     Dekalb Walcott, author: Black Heroes of Fire: The History of the First African American Fire Company In Chicago – Fire Engine Company 21.

April 12, 2020

     Cheryl Varner: DNA for Beginners

May 10, 2020 (Mother’s Day)

     Open Sharing Meeting: Please bring a special keepsake to share!

June 14, 2020

     Tony Burroughs, author: Black Roots: A Beginner’s Guide to Tracing the African American Family Tree.   “Ask Tony”: Strategies/Research Plan for an AAGHSC Member.

July 7-8-9, 2020
(MAAGI) Midwest African American Genealogy InstituteFort Wayne, IN

July 12, 2020

     Don Hayner, author: Binga: The Rise and Fall of Chicago’s First Black Banker

August 9, 2020

     AAGHSC’s Annual Society Picnic

September 13, 2020

     Conference Committee: Preview, AAGHSC’s 38th Annual Family History Conference 

September 18-19-20, 2020
AAGHSC’s Research TripFort Wayne, IN

October 9-10, 2020

     AAGHSC’s 38th Annual Family History ConferenceChicago (Hyde Park), IL

October 11, 2020

     AAGHSC’s Conference Sunday Presentation

November 8, 2020

     Anita Boyd: An Abolitionist’s Tale

December 13, 2020

     AAGHSC’s Annual Holiday Party